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              Win-win service and fueling for global drive

              Over the past twenty years, Hunan oip Pump uphold the "integrity, innovation, execution and improvement of" spirit of enterprise, has always been to lead the development of technological innovation, and constantly improve the manufacturing capacity, the company has become China's engine oil pump manufacturing enterprise leader。

              Customer service

              Xiang oil pump has more than 10 international brand host manufacturers, and more than 60 domestic host customers, we have nine products series, more than 200 specifications. Ours company have the domestic market department, have established the advanced information technology platform. Company's marketing network covers more than 30 provinces, municipalities and autonomous regions. There are offices and after-sales service stations in all host factories throughout the country.
              • 68
                Company founded in 1949
              • 10 +
                More than 10 international hosting customers
              • 60 +
                more than 60 host customers
              • 100 +
                New products more than 100 kinds

              Xiang oil pump news

              Xiang oil pump is the standing director unit of China internal combustion engine industry association, and the vice president of the national cooling water pump / oil pump sub branch, and the national technology innovation demonstration enterprise, and the high and new technology enterprise, and the contract keeping enterprise.
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